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Our first post of 2024 is a look back over the year that went before. We’ve selected our Top 10 posts of 2023 to give you an oversight of our most popular articles across the last 12 months. Some you may have seen, others you may have missed, but all are worthy of top 10 status.

Let’s get this list started!

What Are Title Deeds? Where To Find Them & Why You Need Them

The first article in our Top 10 Posts of 2023, "What Are Title Deeds? Where To Find Them & Why You Need Them", provides an in-depth exploration of title deeds in property ownership. 

It covers what title deeds are, including their composition from various documents like wills and mortgages, and explains their importance in proving property ownership. The post guides readers on where to find title deeds, noting the role of HM Land Registry in holding digital copies since 1990. It addresses common queries about owning original copies and the process of making changes to title deeds. 

The article also discusses the implications of buying or selling property without title deeds, emphasising the challenges and potential risks involved.

How To Go About Removing A Name From A Joint Mortgage In The UK

Next up in the Top 10 list, "How To Go About Removing A Name From A Joint Mortgage In The UK", is an essential guide for anyone facing the challenge of altering a joint mortgage. 

In it, we address various scenarios, such as divorce or investor removal, and we outline the legal and financial steps involved in the process. The article highlights the importance of consulting a conveyancing solicitor, understanding the legalities, and considering the financial implications before proceeding. 

This informative piece provides a comprehensive overview of the practical aspects and potential complexities of removing a name from a joint mortgage.

Property Portals Compared: Rightmove Vs Zoopla

The third post in our Top 10 of 2023, "Property Portals Compared: Rightmove Vs Zoopla", offers a comprehensive comparison between the two leading UK property portals. 

The article examines each platform's features, user interface, and search filters, emphasising Rightmove's extensive property database and Zoopla's innovative search tools like the "Travel Time Search." It highlights the pros and cons of both portals, advising users to utilise both for a thorough property search. 

The post is an invaluable guide for buyers, landlords, and investors in navigating the UK property market.

How To Navigate The Potential Pitfalls Of Purchasing Leasehold Properties

Our fourth top post of 2023, "How To Navigate The Potential Pitfalls Of Purchasing Leasehold Properties", delves into the complexities of buying leasehold properties in the UK. 

It explains the differences between leasehold and freehold, common types of leasehold properties, and why some properties are leasehold. The article outlines potential pitfalls such as ground rent, service charges, and lease term issues, offering strategies for mitigating these risks. It highlights the importance of legal advice, negotiating terms, and considering lease extensions. 

This guide is essential for anyone considering a leasehold property purchase.

All About Easements: What Property Owners Should Know

Our next post, "All About Easements: What Property Owners Should Know", is a comprehensive guide on easements for property owners. 

It covers different types of easements, such as legal, private, and prescriptive, and their impact on property ownership, including use, value, and saleability. The article provides insights into the legal requirements for establishing an easement, registering it, and potential challenges involved. 

Additionally, it discusses the rights and responsibilities of dominant and servient tenements and offers practical tips for managing easements effectively.

When To Walk Away From A Property Sale

Moving into the second half of our list, "When To Walk Away From A Property Sale", focuses on crucial moments when a potential buyer should consider withdrawing from a property purchase. 

Our insightful guide outlines scenarios like encountering significant structural or environmental issues, unclear legal status of the property, and the seller's unwillingness to negotiate. It brings to the fore the importance of conducting thorough research, understanding the legal complexities, and recognising the financial and practical implications of such issues. 

This article is a must-read for prospective buyers, advising them on when to prioritise rational decision-making over emotional attachment in property transactions.

Overcoming Common Fears And Anxieties About First-Time Home Buying

Our seventh post from our top 10, "Overcoming Common Fears And Anxieties About First-Time Home Buying", addresses the emotional challenges faced by first-time buyers. 

It identifies common fears such as financial worries, making wrong decisions, and understanding the buying process. The article provides practical strategies to manage these anxieties, like budgeting, thorough research, and seeking professional help. 

It emphasises the benefits of working with an estate agent to guide and support buyers through this daunting process, making the home-buying journey smoother and less stressful.

What To Do If Your Seller Won't Take Their Property Off The Market

In at number eight, "What To Do If Your Seller Won't Take Their Property Off The Market", discusses strategies for buyers when sellers keep their property listed after accepting an offer. 

It suggests effective communication with the seller via their estate agent, considering a lock-out agreement, and being prepared to walk away if necessary. 

Our article outlines the importance of understanding the seller's perspective, the benefits of legal advice, and weighing the pros and cons of proceeding with the purchase.

Home Buyers Protection Insurance: What Is It & Do You Need It?

The ninth top post of 2023, "Home Buyers Protection Insurance: What Is It & Do You Need It?" offers an essential guide to understanding home buyers protection insurance. 

This insurance covers costs if a property purchase falls through, including legal fees, survey costs, and mortgage arrangement charges. The article details what the insurance typically covers, when claims can be made, and what is usually not covered. 

It also discusses the varying costs of different policies and the importance of choosing the right one for individual needs.

Selective Licensing: What Is It & Who Needs A Selective Licence?

The final top post from our top 10 of 2023, "Selective Licensing: What Is It & Who Needs A Selective Licence?”, is an informative guide on selective licensing in the UK's private rented sector. 

The article details what selective licensing schemes are, how local authorities implement them, and their impact on landlords and properties. It explains the criteria required for local authorities to introduce these schemes, the properties they cover, and the exemptions in place. 

The post also discusses the revocation of licenses and the consequences of non-compliance, offering valuable insights for landlords.

That’s it! Our top 10 posts of 2023 is complete.

As you can see, these articles cover a broad spectrum of property-related topics relevant to buyers, sellers, and homeowners in the UK. The subjects range from practical advice on handling property deeds and joint mortgages to comparisons of property portals, navigating the complexities of leasehold properties, understanding easements, and dealing with property sales scenarios. There's also guidance on overcoming the fears associated with first-time home buying, insights into home buyers protection insurance, and information on selective licensing.

So, something for everyone in this little lot! We hope you enjoyed reading through them as much as we enjoyed reflecting on the past year.

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