As regular followers of our blog will know, we post a new article every week of the year (at least), so it’s always good to look back over the 50+ posts and pick out those that have resonated most with our readers. 

Unsurprisingly, this year’s Top 10 features a couple of COVID-related of which has nothing to do with property at all! The rest are, of course, all about property, and the spread between sales and lettings focused posts is pretty even. 

So, go and grab one of the last mince pies from the kitchen, make a cup of coffee, and settle in with our Top 10 posts of 2020. There’s something for everyone here.

Different Types Of UK Property Explained

british detatched house

This post from way back in January has been popular from the moment we published it, with over 18,000 hits since it went live. 

The housing market here in the UK is incredibly diverse, and in this article we explore and explain each of the different types of property available to buyers and renters across the land.

Who Pays Council Tax When Renting, Tenant Or Landlord? 

Ilford Redbridge Town Hall

Another frequently visited post for you, albeit one of an entirely different nature. 

The question, Who Pays Council Tax When Renting, Tenant Or Landlord?, is one that seems straightforward enough at first glance, but it has layers of complexity lying beneath the surface. We break it all down for you here in typical Petty’s fashion.

What Is Subletting? Everything Tenants & Landlords Need To Know 

landlord sublet

Anyone who wants to get the skinny on subletting should start by reading this article: What Is Subletting? Everything Tenants & Landlords Need To Know

Here we discuss the legal aspects of subletting, why tenants would want to sublet, who is responsible for the sub-tenant, how tenants should go about asking their landlords for permission to sublet, and a lot more besides. Go and check it out.

Sold STC: What Does It Mean For Buyers And Sellers? 

sold subject to contract buyers

Our article, Sold STC: What Does It Mean For Buyers And Sellers?, is one of those posts that many would look at and wonder why on earth that would need explaining. Surely ‘Sold Subject To Contract’ is self-explanatory? 

Well, yes and no.

As with so many property-related situations, there’s a lot more to this seemingly straightforward phrase than meets the eye. Take a look at the post to get the lowdown on what Sold STC really means.

7 Predictions For The Property Market Post-COVID 19

moving home covid 19

We published this look into the future back in May and we didn’t do too badly with our post COVID-19 predictions for the property market (although to think of anything ‘post COVID-19’ seems wildly optimistic compared to how everyone felt back then). 

As we all now know, this is definitely more of a long-term situation, so predicting what happens afterwards seems a little silly in hindsight. Still, the post proved incredibly popular, so it would be remiss of us not to include it in this year’s Top 10.

13 Skills To Teach Your Kids (And Yourself) During Lockdown

lockdown skills kids

Another one from the Lockdown Archives for you now...and this one has absolutely nothing to do with property. 

As many of you will already know, Petty’s is a family-run business, so we thought it’d be nice to step away from the doom and gloom and offer up a few positive posts to help people through lockdown, one of which was 13 Skills To Teach Your Kids (And Yourself) During Lockdown.

To say we were surprised by the impact it had would be an understatement of gargantuan proportions. This one really touched people and it continues to do so months after it was first published.

Asbestos In The Home: Buying & Selling Property Advice 

removing asbestos

This once ubiquitous building material is now synonymous with danger - the mere mention of its name can send people into a state of panic, and with good reason...Asbestos truly can be a very deadly mineral.

So, what does its presence mean for those looking to buy and sell property? Our article, Asbestos In The Home: Buying & Selling Property Advice, explains everything you need to know.

What Are Restrictive Covenants And How Can They Affect Property?

find restrictive covenants

The term Restrictive Covenants leaves many confused, so we put together a guide and dug deeper into the topic, exploring situations such as what happens if a solicitor misses one or what you can do if you think yours are unreasonable. 

The popularity of What Are Restrictive Covenants And How Can They Affect Property? proved us right to do so, as it has been one of our most popular posts of 2020.

Worst Home Improvements For Property Value 

wallpaper worst home improvements

We’ve all seen Best of X,Y, or Z articles across the web, but we decided to turn that format on its head and produce the opposite with our Worst Home Improvements For Property Value post...and you loved it!

Some of the home improvements included may come as a surprise, so if you’re thinking of undertaking work in 2021, you might want to take a look at this before you begin.

13 Things Every Tenant Should Ask Before Renting Property 

questions tenants should ask copy

It stands to reason that tenants should ask plenty of pertinent questions before committing to a particular property, but what are those questions? 

In 13 Things Every Tenant Should Ask Before Renting Property, we give those looking to rent our pick of the bunch and take the guesswork out of what you should and shouldn’t be asking your prospective landlord or letting agent.

That’s it. Another year and another Top 10 done. Let’s hope 2021 is a little cheerier than the one that went before! Everyone here at Petty’s wishes you and yours the very best for the coming 12 months. 

Stay safe, all.