What is the rental value of my home?’ It’s a question every would-be landlord asks, and it’s an important one to get the correct answer to. Without the right figures, calculating the viability of your rental prospects can become little more than guesswork.

That’s why we put so much emphasis on accurate rental valuations here at Petty Son and Prestwich. Our highly experienced team know the local lettings market inside out, which makes our rental valuations both reliable and realistic...essential if you want a truthful insight into the potential your property holds.

How do you value my property?

Upon your instruction, we’ll carry out a thorough assessment on your house or flat. Our property valuers will do all of the necessary research on your home prior to the visit, so they’ll have all the relevant details to hand while they conduct their rental valuation. This includes area analysis, recent rental prices, local trends, current rental market conditions, and more.

During our time at your property we will discuss in detail the services we can provide and the various costs involved. Naturally, we’ll also give you an accurate and realistic figure of how much rent you can expect to achieve as well. This means that by the end of our visit you will be fully informed about both the monthly income and outgoings associated with your rental property, which will give you a greater understanding of what your bottom line will potentially be.

Great, I’d like you to value my property

Good choice! Call us today for a free rental valuation on 020 8989 2091. It could be the best phone call you’ll ever make.