As a landlord, void periods where your property remains empty are naturally something you want to avoid at all costs. Thankfully, in the current climate, finding renters isn’t all that difficult, but there are still ways in which you can speed up the letting process in order to get someone into your property faster.

From a tenant’s point of view, showing a landlord that you are serious about renting their property will likely push you ahead of those who are more laid back about the deal. Being prepared will also make your offer far more enticing to them, as will being in a position to move quickly.

So, what tips can landlords and tenants use to their advantage and get the ball rolling faster when it comes to rented accommodation? Let’s take a look.


In order to get someone into your property as quickly as possible, it stands to reason that the accommodation you are offering needs to be ready for them to move into straight away. Therefore, it’s vital you deal with everything prior to putting your property on the market. After all, you wouldn’t want to miss out on someone who is willing and able to move quickly, would you?

Thing to consider include:

  • Ensuring that the annual landlord gas safety certificate is valid and up to date
  • Carrying out a full electrical check on the property as well as conducting a portable appliance test
  • Making the property as attractive to new tenants as possible by redecorating and renewing old furniture (should you be offering the accommodation as furnished)
  • Clearing and tidying both front and back gardens (if applicable)
  • Employing professional cleaners to thoroughly clean the property from top to bottom
  • Being able to perform inventory checks as soon as required

By covering all the bases prior to placing your property on the market, you will be ready to accommodate any tenant who wishes to move fast. This will lessen the likelihood of a long, protracted void period.

As fully qualified and highly experienced letting agents, Petty Son and Prestwich can help you get your house in order (excuse the pun!) quickly and efficiently. Not only will we deal with all the painful legal stuff for you, we can also take care of your inventory and we’ve access to a wealth of reputable and reliable tradesmen, too. Call out lettings team on 020 8989 2091 or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. to find out more.


Being prepared isn’t just a job for the landlord – tenants can do their bit, as well. While things like being able to move quickly may be out of your hands if you are already tied into an existing agreement elsewhere, there are things you can do to expedite the process once you are ready to move.

Whenever you are heading out to view a property, ensure that you have the relevant documentation with you so that you can demonstrate to the landlord or letting agent you mean business. Having paperwork to hand can cut chunks off of the amount of time you’ll have to wait, so it pays to put together a folder you can grab whenever you are off out viewing. This pack should include:

  • Photo ID – passport or driving licence are best
  • Proof of address - usually a utility statement, a gas or electricity bill will suffice
  • Proof of affordability/earnings – your employment contract and your last six (if monthly) payslips will do
  • Details of your references
  • Details of your guarantor (if applicable)
  • Credit card or another way to pay the admin fees on the day

Having everything with you when you view the property will enable the letting agent to get the process started the very same day, potentially cutting the time it takes from viewing to moving in dramatically. Anyone demonstrating their willingness to move quickly and conducting themselves in a professional manner will be attractive to a landlord. Plus, it shouldn’t take hardly any time at all on your part to gather together these documents, so it really is well worth doing.


There you have it, our tips for speeding up the letting process – regardless of which side of the fence you are on. Whether you are looking to rent in Loughton or Leyton, Chingford or Chigwell, or if you’re looking for a highly accredited letting agent to manage your property for you, call our lettings team today to find out how we can help you speed up your next tenancy.

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