Getting the most out of a small bedroom can be challenging, but there are a few tips and tricks that you can employ to make the most of what you have. By using the ideas laid out in this article you will be able to transform your bedroom from tiny to terrific, giving you more room to relax in at the end of a hard day.

Let’s dive straight in with tip number one!

Make use of wall space

Small bedrooms naturally have limited floor space for furniture, so we have to rethink how we use what we have. Making use of your walls can be a great alternative to standing storage ideas and it can really free up some much needed space in a tiny bedroom.

Measure up the amount of wall space you have available and take into account how far your new furniture can come out from the walls without intruding on your walking area. Many people make the mistake of buying curved pieces for small rooms, but they can actually take up more space than you think. Rectangular furniture works better and will give you more room to manoeuvre. 

Consider using wall-hung night stands, too. Although the difference may be minimal, they will give you a little more floor space than their free-standing counterparts, and every little bit of room that you can save will count when you’re dealing with a small area. 

Earn your stripes

When it comes to wall coverings, nothing works harder at making a room seem bigger than vertical stripes. While it is essential to have light colours on your walls, having one wall of vertical stripes can really make a bedroom seem more spacious than it actually is. 

Adding stripes to your bedding collection can help bring the look together and give your room a contemporary, luxurious feel. 

Be creative with storage

Clutter is the number one enemy of small spaces, so it’s vital to find some cunning ways to keep the mess at a minimum. As more and more of us are finding ourselves with smaller living spaces thanks to the ongoing trend of converting houses into flats, being creative with our storage ideas is paramount if we want to remain comfortable.

Thankfully, savvy furniture makers are on the ball, and there are plenty of options available to those who wish to keep most of their possessions hidden from view. Storage ideas for small spaces are plentiful and they will go a long way to making your room feel much larger than it actually is. 

Multifunctional furniture works especially well in tight spots. Think beds with drawers and chest seats that will hold other items whilst performing their primary function.

Let things slide

One of the biggest space saving ideas that you can utilise in a small space is sliding doors. Choosing to have sliding doors in your bedroom will give you loads more room to move about in and make your life easier, but it doesn’t have to end at your wardrobe.

If you are really pushed for space, how about incorporating a sliding door in the entrance to your bedroom? Not only will this make the room feel less cluttered, it will also give you more wall space to play with as well. 

Ditch the TV

While this may be somewhat of an anathema to some people, no one can deny that televisions take up space. Removing the TV from your small bedroom will make the whole space seem bigger and airier than it would otherwise be.

However, technological advances are making great strides in creating slimmer sets, so it can still be possible to have a wall mounted television if you really cannot do without one. That being said, you must ensure that all wiring is hidden if you really want to create a clutter-free environment.

Furthermore, sleep scientists have proven that the greater the amount of electrical appliances one has in the bedroom, the poorer the quality of sleep you will have. So, if you want your bedroom to be relaxing, comfortable and beautiful, get rid of the box!

Be sure to scale

Another mistake that many people make when laying out a small room is to have multiple objects that don’t really fit with each other. Buying furniture that scales with the other pieces in the room is essential if you want to create the right feel for your space.

This is especially true when it comes to choosing the size of your bed. Naturally, we’d all love to be able to wallow in a super king size, but sometimes this just isn’t practical if your room doesn’t allow it. Scaling down the size of your bed will not only give you more room, it will also bring more proportion to your space, too.

Make mirrors your friend 

Mirrors can be a fantastic way to get the most out of every inch that you have. Not only do they look great, they also give you the opportunity to create an optical illusion that will make your room seem far larger than it actually is.

However, it’s not simply a case of buying a mirror and putting it up; there are some strategic ways in which you can maximise their effect. Placing your mirror opposite a window or behind a light source will increase the reach of the light in the room, whether it is from a natural source or a lamp. 

Get focused

Focal points are an essential element to any well-designed room, but in small space they are especially important. Things such as a great piece of artwork above the bed or maybe a small antique dresser placed in the corner of the room can really make the difference by drawing the eye away from the rest of the room.

Focal points can be a great way to express your individuality, too. Be imaginative with what you use, but be sure to have your focal point visible the moment anyone enters the room. Having it against the doorway wall will not make the desired impression.

Be bright

While dark colours can be very cosy in the right spot, using them in a tight space is often a recipe for disaster. Opting for brighter, lighter colours on the walls, floor and ceiling will make your room seem a lot more spacious and help accentuate the natural light entering the room.

If you have a passion for darker colours, fear not – you can easily incorporate these into other aspects of the room. Try mixing these colours into the room with smaller objects. Think scatter cushions, small rugs or maybe even your curtains or blinds.

Make the ceiling work for you

This option may be a little out of reach for most, but it definitely works. Adding a tray ceiling to a small room can really transform the way your space feels and it gives you option to get more creative with your lighting as well. Tray ceilings bring a different dimension to a room and can really create an illusion of spaciousness when done well.

Alternatively, if adding a tray ceiling is not an option for you, ensure that your ceiling is painted in a colour that is lighter than the rest of the room. Brilliant white ceilings will help make the room seem bigger and more open. 

That’s it!

There you have it, 10 fantastic ways to transform your bedroom and make it feel more spacious, airy and welcoming. If you would rather find somewhere bigger to live than incorporate our design tips, we can help with that too! Call our expert estate agents today to discuss your next move.

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10 design tips that will transform your small bedroom from tiny to terrific