It finally seems as though summer is here, so we thought it would be a nice idea to put together some advice that will help your property sell if you are thinking of moving over the next couple of months. This time of year can sometimes prove to be a challenging period to sell property - especially family homes - so it’s worth covering all bases when it comes to making your property as sellable as possible.

The good news is that during the summer months your property has its own chance to shine. Highlighting the best parts of your home will make it more attractive to viewers and those who are serious about buying a property will often want to push the purchase through quickly while the weather remains fine. After all, no one wants to move when it’s raining!

So, with all this in mind, let’s get started with the first tip on the list:

1. Concentrate on kerb appeal

Sprucing up the outside of your home may seem like somewhat of a no-brainer, but you’d be surprised just how many people still fail to make their property create the finest first impression possible. Obviously, the more you can do, the better, but even the slightest bit of TLC will help wow your viewers.

Simple things such as straightening up your recycling bins and picking up any loose litter will help smarten things up, as will tidying your front garden. If you really want to make your property sing, consider repainting the property if it’s required.

Front doors, especially, benefit from a lick of paint when it comes to having potential purchasers round, and new door furniture will also help make your home look irresistible to anyone viewing your home.

2. Use the weather to your advantage

One great thing about selling a home in the height of summer is that you can easily use the weather to your advantage. Whenever you have a viewing, be sure to open all of your windows and doors so that your property has that all-important spacious and airy feel about it.

Make sure that all your windows are spotlessly clean so that the maximum amount of natural light possible can enter the home and have some cut flowers dotted around the house. Not only will they bring brightness and beauty to the property, they’ll also give the impression of freshness to your home as well.

3. Beautify your back yard

Outdoor spaces are naturally much more attractive in the summer months, so it makes sense to maximise their impact. Think of everything that you possibly can to make your garden look fabulous and you will be rewarded by converting viewers into serious buyers.

Consider things such as jet washing the patio to remove all the dirt and grime, spruce up your decking area so that it’s more inviting and keep all of your plants, shrubs and flowers in tip top condition, too. If you have a lawn, keep it short. During the summer months, mowing it twice a week will not only keep it tidy, it’ll also make the process easier as you’ll be on top of the job after the first cut.

Any agent worth their salt will highlight the fact that you have a stunning outdoor area, but if you feel as though your garden is being underrepresented it’s important to make your thoughts known. Make sure there are ample high-quality photographs of your outdoor space included in any marketing material produced for the property and you’re sure to attract plenty of viewers to your home.

4. Tick off all obvious repairs

Granted, this tip isn’t overly seasonal, but it is important if you have repairs to do in places that will be highlighted by the time of year. Things such as a cracked paving slab or leaking tap in the garden might just tip the balance against you, so make sure you address these minor niggles before you start to have viewers round to your property.

Another thing to bear in mind is that surveyors will be on the lookout for any signs of damp that you may have in your home. This means that if you have taken care of a leaking gutter, or maybe a problem in your upstairs bathroom, it’s absolutely vital to make good any stains that have been left behind to remove any telltale signs.

The best way to handle such small repair jobs is to deal with them as and when they arise. That way, you won’t end up with a mountain of tiny jobs that feel like one big pain in the backside! If you don’t feel like handling these jobs yourself, give us a call. We’re always happy to recommend reliable and reasonably priced local contractors that will help you with any repairs or redecoration tasks you may have on your to-do list.

5. Be accommodating

While you will no doubt be dreaming of a summer break of your own, it’s important to get your priorities straight and concentrate on the most important aspect in your life right now – selling your home! Remaining flexible over viewing times at this time of year will put you way ahead of the pack, so it’s well worth bending over backwards to accommodate viewers whenever possible.

Although it’s obviously not ideal, postponing your summer vacation until after you make the sale may well be the best option. Why risk missing out on a viewing that could result in a sale?

6. Play host

Following on from being accommodating with your time, it’s also a good idea to be welcoming whenever potential purchasers walk through your front door. Many of your viewers will have had to travel to get to your property, so make them feel at home when they arrive.

You don’t have to go overboard, and you should most definitely let your agent do their job, but offering your viewers a cold, refreshing drink when they first arrive will always go down well and ensure that they remember both you and your property.

7. Keep an open dialogue with your agent

If you feel as though your property isn’t getting the attention that it deserves, it’s important that you work with your agent to see if there are any tweaks that can be made in order to push things forward. Here at Petty Son and Prestwich, we appreciate our sellers’ input and we’re always happy to hear their thoughts – all reputable estate agents should be the same.

So, if you feel as though your agent’s marketing strategy for your home is missing something, don’t be afraid to air your concerns. Put yourself in a buyer’s shoes and think about how your property comes across to anyone finding it for the first time.

Look at its online description – both on your agent’s website and on all of the property portals where it is listed – and consider whether or not the photographs that are being used are doing the high points of your home justice.

Remember that you are the customer, and as such you should feel as though you can discuss anything with your agent and have your questions answered in both a timely and professional fashion.

The last word

Selling up in the summer can be a great idea if you are prepared to make the season work for you. Buyers are looking to move while the weather holds out and you can take advantage of the natural spring in the step that everyone has at this time of year.

Following the above advice will help your property stand out from the crowd and get noticed, which means more viewings and a greater number of prospective purchasers who may just fall in love with what you are offering.

If you are looking to get the ball rolling on a summer sale in East London or West Essex, give one of our friendly members of staff a call to discuss your options. We’ve been serving the area for over 100 years and our local knowledge is second to none, so you know you’re in safe hands with Petty Son and Prestwich.

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7 ways to boost your homes saleability this summer