Moving home is widely regarded as one of the most stressful situations that we encounter in our lives, but does it really need to be that way? Surely there must be a way to reduce the headaches and make your move stress-free?

Thankfully there is, and all it takes is a little planning. Setting out what you need to do and breaking tasks down into stages will allow you to concentrate on more important things and lessen your anxiety.

So, if you’re ready to find out how to move home without the hassle, let’s start the countdown!

Stage 1: Eight weeks before your moving date

Two months may seem like a long way off, but you’ll be amazed at how quickly that time disappears. Having an action plan from the start will stand you in good stead, and this is what we recommend that you do at this stage of the moving process:

  • Start decluttering your old home. Clear out all of the stuff that you have been meaning to do away with for years. Treat moving into your new property as an entirely fresh start.
  • Sort out some leave.  Booking some time off of work will allow you to move in without worrying time constraints. Consider taking time off either side of the move if you can.
  • Notify your landlord. If you are currently renting, now is the right time to notify your landlord of your moving date.
  • Contact local schools. If you have children and you’re moving away from your current catchment area, contact schools now and get their records transferred across while you have plenty of time.
  • Sort out storage. If you need to put any of your stuff into storage, now is the time to get that box ticked off.
  • Start packing. Even if you only start off small, packing things regularly will help you in the long run. Obviously, start with non-essentials and store them somewhere out of the way.


Stage 2: Five to six weeks prior to moving

The clock may be ticking, but you’ve already made a start. Now, with only five to six weeks left, it’s time to:

  • Cancel utilities. Get in touch with all of the relevant utility companies and let them know what day you will be moving out.
  • Sort out your removal options. Whether you intend to use a professional removal company or enlist an army of friends to help you move, now is the time to make those arrangements.
  • Get insured. Buy insurance for your new home now and ask for the cover to start from the day you move in. Why take any chances?
  • Continue to pack. Keep up the little and often packing regime to avoid the mad rush in the last few days.
  • Order furniture. If you need large items or things like carpet, get them ordered now and book the delivery date for as soon after you move in as possible.


Stage 3: Three to four weeks to go

With a month or less to go until you move, things are really starting to take shape. Here’s what we recommend you get sorted now:

  • Start enquiring about out new utilities. Begin the search for utility companies for your new address. Remember that it isn’t just gas, water and electric but also other services such as your landline and broadband provider, too.
  • Consider cleaners. If you don’t fancy the task of cleaning your old place before you move, why not get some professional in to handle the job? This is especially important when renting as your deposit is on the line. It’s also worth thinking about hiring cleaners for your new place, too. Not everyone leaves their home spic and span.
  • Keep packing!


Stage 4: One to two weeks’ left

Time will feel like it is really shifting now, but if you have been following the above tips you’ll be in good shape. Now is the time to:

  • Update addresses. Contact anyone who needs to be notified of your change of address. Banks, insurance companies, TV licencing and the DVLA are just some of the likely people that you’ll need to let know that you’re moving. Oh, don’t forget your family and friends either!
  • Doctors and dentists. If you are moving out of the area, get in touch with any healthcare providers that you may be registered with and inform them of your move.
  • Contact the Post Office. Having your mail redirected to your new address will save you constantly worrying about missing out on important correspondence.
  • Cancel deliveries. If you still have things such as milk or newspapers delivered, now is a good time to get those services cancelled.
  • Arrange baby/pet sitters. If you have children or pets, consider getting someone to take care of them on moving day. It will make your life a whole lot easier.
  • Register for council tax. You have to do it sometime, so it might as well be now.
  • Get ahead with the cleaning. It’s a good idea to start cleaning now if you haven’t got cleaners coming in.
  • Confirm removal details. Whether using friends or professionals, give them a quick call to clarify the date and time that they’ll be needed.
  • More packing. Keep going, you’re nearly there! Think about the stuff that you’ll need from day one and clearly label your boxes.


Stage 5: Twenty-four hours to go

Here we go! One more day and you’ll be in your new home. Today’s the day to:

  • Clean. If you haven’t booked up professional cleaners to come in, now’s the time to do that final whizz round to cover areas such as where beds and sofas have been moved.
  • Check that everything has been packed. Go through your home to make sure that nothing has been left behind – then do it again to be certain!
  • Pick up your keys. Make sure that you either already have your keys to the new property or that you have arranged to pick them up.


Stage 6: Moving day

Where others will usually be in a mess, you’ll be calm and serene as you have properly prepared for this very day. All that remains is to:

  • Take meter readings. Get all of the relevant readings from your meters before you go.
  • Double check the property. Go over your old home once more to make sure that you have everything.
  • Turn everything off. Ensure that all supplies (water, gas, electric) are turned off.
  • Welcome the removal gang. Show them around the house and point out where everything is.
  • Secure the property. When it’s time to close the door for the final time, go round the home and make sure that all doors and windows are shut and locked before leaving.
  • Check for damage. When the removal van arrives, give your furniture and other possessions a quick once over to make sure they’ve arrived in good shape.


Mission accomplished

That’s it! You’ve successfully negotiated your move and are now safely in your new abode. See, it wasn’t so bad after all, was it?

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the 6 stages of a stress free move

Article By: John Wagstaff

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