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John Wagstaff


As Petty’s MD, John steers the ship. He is, however, first to admit that the team around him run the show, and he’s incredibly proud of each and every one of them. Sporty and studious, caring and loyal, John is a father of two wonderful children (and Cooper the dog).

Jenny Wagstaff


As a Director of Petty’s, there isn’t much Jenny doesn’t do: Lettings management, HR duties, general business admin...the list goes on! When she isn’t handling the day-to-day stuff, you’ll find her in the theatre or enjoying afternoon tea somewhere swanky.

Catherine Bransgrove

Senior Sales Manager

Catherine has been in estate agency since 1986 and her local knowledge is second to none, despite being from Bonnie Scotland! A Loughton resident of 33 years and one of the finest Sales Managers there is, Catherine is a true professional.

Julie Hamilton-Grant

Lettings Manager

As one of our Senior Property Managers, Julie is constantly on the go. Market appraisals, viewings, preparing tenancy agreements, communicating with tenants and landlords, arranging never ends for JHG!

Gregory Moore

Sales Manager

Gregory has been in the industry for 12 years. He has an innate ability for negotiation and management, which makes him an immensely valued part of the team. He’s also an enthusiastic fisherman who puts his family, and Shih Tzu, Elmo, first.

Pamela Self-Pierson

Senior Branch manager

Pamela has worked in the property industry for 8 years, her self-motivation, dedication and excellent customer care is what makes her stand out from the crowd.

Francesca Creasey

Office Manager

Francesca has been with Petty’s for seven years and has progressed to become our Office Manager, overseeing the daily events and planning what lies ahead for the team each day. She is an F1 obsessive and loves dogs...there are eight pooches in her immediate family!

Zoe Cade

Senior Property Manager

As a senior property manager, Zoe is involved in all aspects of lettings and has been in the industry for over 20 years. She enjoys running, gardening, and was awarded Best Fancy Dress Costume at Pontins in 1980!

Jennie Lawley

Accounts Manager

When it comes to accounts, Jennie is the genius that keeps us all in check by handling everything from processing rental payments through to keeping HMRC happy. She also keeps 3M in business with her passion for Post-it notes!

Richelle Price

Property Consultant

As one of our Sales Negotiators, Richelle engages with clients on a daily basis. Her previous professions include performing and hospitality, so she has taken to her role with us effortlessly. A keen meditator, Richelle is kind, caring, and a respected part of Team Petty’s.

Susan Monaghan

Senior Sales Consultant

Susan entered the property industry six years ago, following an 18 year stint in Central Government. She is now a Senior Sales Negotiator here at Petty’s and has been a voluntary counsellor for the Association of Post-Natal Illness for the past 20 years.

Kinga Masianis

Property Consultant

Kinga has been in sales since she was 17 and she already has both Negotiator and Sales Progression qualifications under her belt. She is bilingual, has a weakness for chocolate, and cites Robins Pie & Mash and The Cuckfield as her favourite Wanstead haunts.

Fay Maulik-Hann

Senior Sales Negotiator

Fay has worked in the property industry for 8 years, her answer to everyone is “of course I can” - her passion for Petty’s is untouchable.

Daniel Roe

Property Consultant

Daniel is a true team player. As a Sales Negotiator for Petty’s, his day-to-day tasks include everything from conducting viewings to liaising with clients...all of which are a far cry from his previous profession as a hairdresser.

Tracey Edmunds

Maintenance Manager

Tracey handles everything to do with property maintenance. From managing contractors through to compliance, she does the lot with an air of calm and grace. She’s also a proud mum of three...four if you include Arry, her 10yr old GSD/ Rottweiler cross.

Elaine Robinson

Senior Sales Co-ordinator

Elaine has worked in the property industry for 13 years.  She is a formidable character. Her no nonsense style, capability and attention to detail is what makes her one of the most respected sales progressors in the business.

Janine Briggs

Senior Sales Coordinator

With over 30+ years in estate agency, Janine is one of the best in the business and an integral part of Team Petty's. An avid foodie, she'll coin-flip between multiple Asian cuisines...and still be unsure of which one's her favourite!

Mia Latchford


Mia is one of the newest members of the Petty’s family, and she has hit the ground running. She has a passion for learning and sees personal growth as one of her strengths, which shows in how she has handled herself since joining the team.

Cooper Wagstaff


Considering he isn’t even two years old just yet, Cooper has certainly made his mark on the team (and, occasionally, the carpet!). As well as being in the office, he enjoys walking, running, and having his tummy rubbed.