It seems like only yesterday I was penning 2020’s message, yet here I am writing to you all for Christmas 2021...what happened there! Am I the only one who thinks the Earth is spinning faster these days? (Apparently not, if this article is to be believed!)

So, 2021, eh? The year when the ‘New Normal’ finally started to feel, well, normal. At least it did away from the office. Workwise, this was far from an ordinary year.

The beginning of 2021 saw the Stamp Duty Holiday continue, and the unprecedented demand for property throughout the areas we cover was astonishing. Supply was good, with many magnitudes more than usual hitting the market, but still the desire for property in and around E11 won out. Everybody loves Wanstead, but you already knew that, didn’t you?!

It really was a perfect storm. Not only were there potential savings to be had on SDLT, there was also a lot of pent up demand thanks to lockdown living. Having the extra time on our hands due to Lockdown 3 in January and February saw the property portal’s traffic rise and the resulting interest once restrictions were lifted was unbelievable.

Pairing this with those who were looking to move for traditional reasons, but were unable to do so due to the third lockdown, meant that we saw one of the busiest periods in the property market that I can remember. This continued throughout the first half of the year, as people pushed to make their move before the Stamp Duty Holiday ended in June.

It wasn’t just the sales team that were working flat out, though. The lettings arm of Team Petty’s has never been busier than it is at present, thanks largely to the capital getting back to some sort of normality and people returning to work. 

The obvious knock-on effect of people looking to rent close to Zones 1 and 2, without the expense of actually living in the centre of town, has been tangible. In addition, there is also an element of scepticism over the sales market’s continued price increases, so some have sold up and moved into the rental sector this year. 

All of which has resulted in both sides of Petty’s, sales and lettings, being extraordinarily busy throughout 2021...and the team has handled the increased workload admirably. The commitment they have shown, especially in getting completions pushed through before the Stamp Duty holiday ended, has been remarkable. 

Simply put, Petty’s wouldn’t be Petty’s without the hard work and dedication of these professionals that I am privileged to call colleagues and, more importantly, friends. It is through their efforts that we have reached the heights we have this year, cementing our place as the best estate agency in Wanstead. Thank you for everything.

Beyond that, all that remains now is for me to wish you and your loved ones a very Merry Christmas. Let’s hope 2022 sees further progress made in getting things back to how they were pre-pandemic and we all stay fit, healthy, and happy throughout the coming 12 months.

See you all in the New Year,

John Wagstaff MNAEA, MARLA

Managing Director