For those lucky enough to have their own garden, has there ever been a better time to get out there and get busy? Probably not, and it has multiple benefits, too.

Not only will you be improving your outdoor space ready for the better weather to come, you’ll also give yourself a wonderful sense of achievement when you step back and survey your handiwork. For those who are especially adept at DIY, you might even add a few pennies to your property’s value as well.

So, dig out those old jeans, gather up the necessary tools, and get ready to make the most of your backyard (or front!)

Create your own outdoor herb garden

Be bold with colour

Make some moss ball planters

Add a bug hotel

Get your plant pots off the floor

Creat a coldframe

Put together some pallets for a eco raised bed

Brighten up shady spots with Hoya bella

Redo that decking

Sow some snapdragons and be kind to the bees

Make a pallet garden

Take elevated gardening to a new level

Help out the hedgehogs

mood boost garden