Moving home is a massive decision, we all know that, but sometimes we can rush into things and be hasty, even when there’s a lot at stake. Being certain about your move will set you up for success in your new home and give you some welcome peace of mind, but how do you decide if moving home is the right thing to do or not?

While there are no hard and fast rules to making a decision on when to move, there are a few questions you can ask yourself to get an idea of whether or not the time is right. We’ve listed some of the most common below, but you might be able to come up with better ones for your own personal situation.

Better questions produce better answers, so it’s worth taking time out to think about what’s important to you. Form these key points into questions and you’ll have your very own moving home questionnaire.

Here, though, are a few ideas to get you started:

Why do you want to move in the first place?

This can be the easiest and hardest question to answer, depending on your circumstances. The thing you’re trying to drill down on here is whether your desire to move is driven out of necessity or preference, which are two radically different grounds for forming an argument on whether or not you should move home.

Is moving home financially viable right now?

can you afford to move home

Obvious, yes, but you’d be surprised by how many people leap into the whole home moving business without fully crunching the numbers. Don’t be one of those people.

Try to get a handle on every aspect of the move, from the fees you’ll be expected to pay through to the cost of the removal van. Too often, movers concentrate so hard on getting a deposit together they neglect all of the other associated expenses. 

Sometimes it’s just not the right time, but you’re better off finding out now rather than later.

Will moving affect future finances?

Not only will moving home put a dent in your pocket right now, it could also have an impact in the future, too. 

Things to consider include any ongoing costs your new property might have in store for you, as well as the overall cost of living in your new area if you are moving from elsewhere.

While it’s impossible to see everything that’s coming up in the future, there are plenty of things you can investigate to ensure your finances won’t be hit further down the line. Don’t bury your head in the sand, be honest with yourself. 

It’s in your own best interest to be certain, after all. 

How will moving impact your work life?

work moving home

Your salary is an obvious concern if you are moving to a new area and need to find a new job as well as a new home, but for most this will be largely irrelevant. However, there are plenty of other considerations surrounding your move and how it will affect your work.

You may be thinking of moving home to take advantage of a new job opportunity. Whether this is with your current company or not, you’ll need to assess just how much of an opportunity it is...will it really warrant the upheaval of moving home?

Another important factor is travelling. Commuting daily can be an extremely stressful affair, and many movers fail to fully appreciate the impact it can have on their lives until it’s too late. Remember, too, that coming home stressed isn’t just going to affect you, it’ll have an impact on those you love as well, which brings us nicely to our next question.

What about family?

Naturally, this will be a high priority for all of you who are wondering whether or not to move home, but it’s worth listing nonetheless. It can sometimes be the most obvious things that get overlooked when making such a big decision.

Think about all aspects of family life and your current relationships. How will upping sticks affect them? Talk to everyone who will be impacted by your decision and listen to their points of view and advice. 

And school catchment areas?

Following on from family, school catchment areas have been a primary reason for people to instigate a home move for years, but they often leave things until the last minute. The kids approach school age fast, and if you’re in an undesirable catchment area it can be a desperately worrying time as a parent.

Even if you are a young couple who are yet to have children, paying attention to catchment areas now can be a forward thinking way of looking at the potential advantages of moving home. You might decide not to have kids together further down the line, but owning a property in a highly sought after school catchment area is no bad thing either way.

Will a move affect your social life?

social life moving home

The answer to this may or may not be answered by the previous questions, but it’s important enough to have its own specific section. We are social animals, after all.

Social life doesn’t just stop at pubs and bars, either. Consider every aspect of your lifestyle, especially things such as sports clubs, churches, gyms, volunteer work, classes, courses, etc. 

All of these are social activities in one way or another, so examine how your move will impact them. Will it be easy to maintain your current connections or will you have to start over? If you’re starting from scratch in a new area, how easy will that be for you?

Do you or your family have specific ties to your current area?

What these specifics are exactly will be different from individual to individual. Some will see the above social activities as key to their overall personal wellbeing, while others will need to be close to medical facilities for ongoing treatment and/or care.

Consider, too, those who’ll be moving with you who may not drive. How will the move affect them? What is the public transport like locally? Is the area safe?

Are you running out of space or is there too much room?

home too small time to move

Moving away from the emotional and financial reasons to those of a more practical nature now. 

Do you simply need more space? Or, conversely, has your home suddenly become to big for you to manage? Both are equally good reasons to consider moving home, whether it means moving up the property ladder or downsizing your property.

Do you need a garden?

If your children are growing up or you’re thinking about bringing a pet into your life, it’s highly desirable to have your own outdoor space, regardless of size. 

Having a garden can make a huge difference to your life and is as good a reason to move as any...providing you’re financially able to do so and all of the other questions listed above have returned positive answers.

How did you do?

So, how did you get on? Are you moving or staying put? Whatever you decide, exploring all of your options and being honest with yourself is always the best policy. It’s also important to remember that if the time isn’t right at the moment, it doesn’t mean it never will be.

We’ve been helping people like you make the right property decisions for well over one hundred years here at Petty’s, and we’d be delighted to assist you next. If you are thinking of selling your property in or around Wanstead, pop in and see us. We’d be happy to talk you through the process and offer any advice you need to make your move as smooth as possible.

how to decide if you should move home