When it comes to selling your home, having an empty room can be off-putting to potential purchasers. Buyers would much rather see a room in all its glory, rather than one left to be little more than a dumping ground for clutter. Therefore, it makes sense to put your spare room to good use prior to placing your property on the market.

Thankfully, there are plenty of answers to the 'what to do with a spare room' dilemma, and we’re going to take a look at some of the more popular options here today.

Transform your spare room into a home office

Ever greater numbers of people are working remotely these days and, as a result, home offices are becoming more and more prevalent. One of the best things about turning your spare room into a home office is that it needn’t cost you an arm and a leg to do it. In fact, adding only a few relatively inexpensive items will do the trick.

Obviously, there are some key elements to a home office, such as a desk and a chair, but you can pick these up really cheaply if you shop around. Then it’s just a case of adding some shelving or other storage ideas to give the room authenticity and your home office is almost complete.

Throw in maybe a corkboard, some plants and a lamp or two, and you’ll have yourself a space that buyers can imagine themselves in once they’re handed the keys.

How about a home gym?

The chances are good that your spare room may already have an old exercise bike tucked away in the corner anyway, so why not dust it off and transform your room at the same time? Fitness has been booming since the 80’s and as people find themselves becoming more time poor, home gyms are growing in popularity.

By simply clearing out the clutter, adding some free weights and an exercise mat, your spare room will begin to look a lot more useful than before. If you want to add more to the room, check out some of the online marketplaces for bargain preloved home gym equipment. You can score some sweet deals on really good kit, especially around February and March when New Year’s resolutions are on the wane!

Put together the perfect playroom

This is a great idea if you are targeting families, and an even better way to keep your own little one’s toys under control! Having a designated playroom will play (excuse the pun) well with anyone who has children, and it’ll stick in the mind after they’ve been to view your home.

Again, you won’t need to break the bank in order to convert your spare room into a child-friendly haven, but it does pay to decorate accordingly. Having bright colours on the walls (or even murals, if you’re a bit nifty with a paint brush) will leave viewers in no doubt as to what the room’s purpose is, and it could prove to be the ideal selling point when showing families around your home.

Convert your spare room into a contemplation space

Regardless of your own spiritual leanings, things such as mindfulness and meditation are growing trends – so, why not turn your space into the perfect retreat from life’s day-to-day stresses?

This idea works especially well if you have a view you can make use of, but all you really need is a clutter-free room with some relaxed seating and you’re good to go. Throw down some meditation cushions for maximum effect.

It may be boring, but what about a bedroom?

Possibly the easiest option of the lot is to simply turn your spare room into an extra bedroom. We won’t even tell you what you need in terms of furniture, because if you don’t already know…well!

One thing we will suggest, however, is that you keep the colours neutral. This isn’t because you are aiming at a certain demographic; it’s the opposite, in fact. Colours such as creams and whites will appeal to more people in the main, which will give you a greater chance of chiming with your prospective buyer’s taste.


There you have it! Five simple ideas to turn an unused room into a perfect selling point. Should you be thinking of selling your home in the near future, give our expert sales team a call to see how we can help.

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